Word Up Books Needs Your Help NOW!!!

Remember back in March I told you I had a book launch in the Washington Heights bookstore, Word Up? Then in July, I reported they lost their lease and must move?

Well, they've been moving forward towards getting a place. But they need your help! They need $60,000 to secure a place. They started an IndieGoGo project page. And a video explaining their work:

And whose book is that at 2:08. Oh, it's me and Resilience! And it's inches away from Junot Diaz's book:

Though it's in New York (and I'm either in DC or Louisiana), it's an important bookstore in its community providing invaluable resources--books in foreign languages, cheap books, test prep books to help with social mobility, and of course it's a community space where Washington Heights local can express themselves and organize around art--all of this in densely populated area of New York.

To add to that, Junot Diaz thinks it's a swell place as well: "One of the most important and beautiful intervention that our community has seen in a long long time." (Hey, Junot, how about throwing some of that genius prize money their way? Just sayin'!)

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