Britney Spears To Write A Novel

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Sources report Britney Spears has scored a book deal with It Books. It will be a novel, a work of fiction based on her life.

From NY Daily News:

 The novel will be a Joycean exploration of postmodern selfhood, with large portions composed in blank verse.
Okay, okay – we made that second part up. 
WaPo blogger Jen Chaney has a harsher, more sarcastic reaction:

I for one am dying to read the story of a pop star who becomes wildly famous for her ability to sing with a python draped around her neck, stars on a B-grade UPN reality show with her dancer husband, suffers a severe breakdown that involves shaving her head, but then triumphantly bounces back and lands not just one, but two, “Glee” tribute episodes devoted to her work.
The protagonist’s name will be Bambi. You know, because it will be a work of fiction.
What I find really mean-spirited about Chaney's reaction is that it's an ad homeniem attack--she attacks Britney's life--while at the same time, the things Chaney talks about (a synopsis, if you will) would actually make good fiction if done correctly (weirder [and worst]things have been written).

Of course, not saying that Spears will write the next great American novel. Most likely, Spears will be looking for a ghost writer (Britney: I can give you my email address!!!). It will be like Snooki's A Shore Thing (ghostwritten by Valerie Frankel).

It also must be noted that this won't be Spears's first novel. In 2001, she wrote A Mother's Gift.

In other Britney Spears and literary news (trust me, I am being productive when I'm googling Britney Spears!), this exists:

Here's a preview (I'll let you judge it):

 The book has poems like this from fans from all over the world along with fantasy art (which kinda verge on the creepy side). The website is here:

And I will use this opportunity as my excuse to have a Britney Spears video on the blog:

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