Writer Christine Ha Wins MasterChef 3!

Writer Christine Ha has won MasterChef 3!!!!!

As mentioned before, Ha is an MFA student at University of Houston. Also, she is blind and throughout the season had been the underdog, being picked last in most team challenges.  "I just can't believe that I'm the MasterChef. This has been them most amazing experience. After all the obstacles I've been through, going up against such awesome amazing cooks ... I'm living proof that dreams come true against all odds," says Ha, who is has since changed her MFA concentration from fiction to nonfiction. As part of the winner's package, Ha will also be writing a cookbook. This is how you finish your MFA.

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  1. They say the eyes are windows to the soul, and Christine’s eyes paint a picture of epic proportions that match her actions quite poignantly. Her kindness had certainly given her a reputation on the show; a good one! It is funny to see her standing there next to Josh though, like David’s sister and Goliath. Christine, you worked hard, and you deserve it! The season was riveting though, to say the least. I started having my Dish coworker over to watch since he introduced me to the show and we made a big event out of the finale. Instead of the commercial breaks, we used the Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings to watch commercial free, and then took food breaks. Everything took an hour anyway, but we enjoyed the time we would have been watching commercials by loading our plates!