Steve Berman Elaborates on His Stance on the Lammys

This is from the comments from my previous post about Lethe Press and the Lammys (I am so horrible at reading comments!):

My huge complaint with the category is that lesbian authors of mystery do not compete with gay authors but the same cannot be true of spec fic writers.
Transparency = judges are mentioned before the awards begin and their assigned categories mentioned. This is done for the majority of awards. It proves fairness.
Last year in at least one category only 1 judge read a Lethe submission rather than all 4. So, it was not a fair assessment and a waste of Lethe money to submit the other 3 books.
The Lethe authors are free to submit their books if they want. But the fees and books won't come from Lethe direct any more.
SteveLethe Press

These are all valid points of concern, I believe.

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