Loosely Literary Songs: Valley of the Dolls

Today is the release date for Marina and the Diamonds' sophomore album Electra Heart. I have always been a fan of Marina and the Diamonds (a solo act comprised of Welsh musician Marina Diamandis) whose smart, sharp, and witty lyrics are reminiscent of Kate Nash and Lily Allen, yet whose sound has always has a indie pop sound (the new album is more pop sounding with the likes of Dr. Luke and Starsmith on the credits). Think--a smart version of Katy Perry.

Electra Heart is in itself partly inspired by Erving Goffman's The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, a classic in sociology. In a Gay Times (June) profile, she says, "[The book] delves into how every interaction with every person you meet is a subconscious performance that you realy subtly change and go into different personas around people, it'll freak you out."

Eat that Katy Perry!

The track "Valley of the Dolls" explores the theme of identity ("pick a personality for free when you feel like nobody") while alluding the book by Jacqueline Susann, a campy favorite of mine.

Check out Marina talking about her album--including the writing of it!

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