Am I a Southern Writer Yet?

If you haven't heard already (it's taken me awhile to get my announcements around), in a few weeks I will be leaving for Lake Charles, Louisiana to pursue my MFA in Creative Writing at McNeese State University! It's a major step to my goals as a writer and provides me with three years to wrap up my book (which I swear I've been working on!)

Of course there are worries. I have never moved so far away before. Part of the program is teaching--I've never taught before either. But it should be an interesting experience, and interesting experiences make the writer, right?

Yet again, I'm nervous about it all. Louisiana isn't known as the smartest state, nor is it gay friendly for a city boy like me. Also, I have to question how far it could take me. All writers worth anything are working in Brooklyn and Lake Chuck is quite far from Brooklyn.

However, it's a rising program, Louisiana is the home state of Britney Spears, and it has a lake.

All of this mean, of course, my biography changes, it becomes longer: "Eric Nguyen is a writer from Maryland. He lives in Louisiana."

Does this make me a Southern writer?

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