New Book Alert: Green Light Delivery

Just weeks after the release of her ebook, Ebenezer's Locker, writer Anne E. Johnson's YA sci-fi novel, Green Light Delivery, is due out next week (6/19). I know for a fact that Anne E. Johnson is a talented writer. She was featured in my anthology, Resilience.

To support the print publication effort, Candlemark & Gleam have set up a Kickstarter Project, which ends in three days. Already pass its goal, that doesn't mean you should stop donating, with the money going to a great effort (I'm a print fetishist, yes), and with many great perks: posters, mugs, bookmarks.

Here's more about the book:

Webrid is a carter, like his mother and grandfather before him. It’s not glamorous work, but it mostly pays the bills, and it gives him time to ogle the sexy women on the streets of Bexilla’s capital. Mostly, he buys and sells small goods and does the occasional transport run for a client.
Then he gets mugged by a robot.
Now, with a strange green laser implanted in his skull and a small fortune deposited in his bank account, Webrid has to make the most difficult delivery of his life. He doesn’t know who his client is, or what he’s carrying, but he knows that a whole lot of very dangerous people are extremely interested in what’s in his head. Literally. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.
With the help of some truly alien friends, a simple carter will journey across worlds to deliver his cargo. And hopefully keep his head in the process.
Green Light Delivery is a fascinating, fresh take on sci-fi that pairs the nonstop action and intrigue of Raymond Chandler’s noir novels with a completely alien setting, spanning worlds and introducing us to creatures with a hundred ears, poisonous bones, or radial symmetry instead of bilateral. It’s full of adventure and humour, and will satisfy anyone looking for a space opera that’s a little out there

The cover ain't that bad either:

Read the first two chapters here.

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