Christine Ha: Master Chef

I just found this and just had to share!

Christine Ha is the first blind chef to compete on MasterChef:

It's not that I'm a fan of MasterChef, but--here's the thing: she's a writer as well! An MFA student at the University of Houston, she put her thesis on hold for the show. Check out her webpage:, and read her work at [PANK]. And if you're inclined, watch MasterChef to cheer on this writer/chef!

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  1. I consider myself a novice writer, and I have yet to start my own blog, but I love to be inspired, even in the area of cooking. When I started watching the MasterChef show last year because a Dish co-worker suggested it, I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t have imagined a contestant though who would be so darn amazing as a person and a cook, and then I found out she is a writer too! My family watches each week from the couch and since my kids have to go to bed early (summer day care), they get to watch since we use the PrimeTime Anytime recording the next evening, and shorten our viewing time because we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop. That is a huge benefit because we’re enjoying TV AND we get more of what we pay for without the commercials: TV!