What's Happening to Chris Rice's Books?

Something fishy is happening to Christopher Rice's books at a Books-A-Million in Ft. Walton Beach:

As someone who used to work for Books-A-Million, this is not surprising. The company is very right-wing Christian-oriented. Their Christian sections are probably the biggest of ANY bookstore out there, with home office directions to have "FatihPoint" table, endcaps, Bible displays, and the occasional Glenn Beck promo. Not that I'm blaming the actual bookstore entirely (most people I worked with were not Christians, including myself), a pushy church is involved, and people like this are usually the shoppers. But let's face it: Books-A-Million is for all intents and purposes, a Christian bookstore. The corporate plan is to reach out to rural Americans who don't know better, Sarah Palin's "real America."
Now, I'm not saying don't shop there (I still have friends who work at these stores and the store people themselves are usually not the problem); I'm just saying that the corporate headquarters have their own (obvious) objectives.  I hope this blows up.


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