New Book Alert: 'Never Easy' by Soltesz/Wolfsham/Murdoc

Three of my favorite gay erotica (well, I don't really read any other type of erotica, so I guess they're just my three favorite erotica writers!) have a anthology of novelettes, entitled Never Easy, coming out! Published by Johnny Murdoc's Queer Young Cowboys, the book features himself, Rob Wolfsham, and Natty Soltesz.

Take a look at the table of contents:

Here's more about the book:

Full of yearning and equivocal male eros, Never Easy is seven stories of men adrift and longing for reprieve from erotica masters Natty Soltesz, Rob Wolfsham, and Johnny Murdoc. In Murdoc’s “Local Legends”a recent graduate falls for Sam Longhorn, the mysterious alpha male of Blackwood, and is compelled to unearth the woodland myth of the Blackwood Beast. A cold lawyer laments his path in life after he’s marooned on an island with an ambivalent, hard-bodied fighter in Rob Wolfsham’s “Penguin.” A tiring family homecoming trip with a malcontent boyfriend turns perilous and steamy in Natty Soltesz’s “My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers.” These three writers have joined to chronicle vivid, sexually charged encounters between men with kaleidoscopic introspection and sometimes prodigious self-discovery.

Hot and literary, no? Now all it needs is a video trailer.

You can pre-order either the ebook or print version here. If you order the print, you also get the ebook version too.  You can like QYC on FB as well, if you're into that kind of stuff.

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