Amazon's Fire

In Apple-like style, Jeff Bezos introduces the I-Pad-like Kindle Fire, their new addition to the Kindle Family, a tablet reader.

It works nearly like an I-pad only cheaper. The big announcement from Amazon seem to be that it's like the I-Pad, but cheaper. Sticking to its guns, Amazon will take down the competition with cutting prices. Experts, however, don't see Amazon taking down Apple anytime soon, instead its victims are retailers. The Kindle Fire, like the I-pad is connected to the online store. But whereas Apple only has Itunes, Amazon has an entire store of books, music, furniture, and sex toys based on your favorite cartoon characters.

To make this point, when you purchase the Fire, you also get Amazon Prime (two-day shipping) for free for two months.
"What’s more, it seems that tablet owners are more inclined to click the buy button than those on personal computers. It’s just so easy, and right from the comfort of your couch–or in your car outside Best Buy or Barnes & Noble."
In addition to being a challenge to book retailers, this is undoubtedly a challenge to literary culture. Yes, you can buy ebooks, but Amazon clearly wants you to look at other stuff as well. Reading takes concentration. This ain't helping.

This isn't either:

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