Borders Is Dead

It's official: Borders is dead. The bookstore attempted to auction it all off, but...obviously that didn't work and plans for liquidation start on Friday. All Borders stores will close by October, leaving some 10,700 workers jobless.

This of course leaves questions about what the bookselling world will look like in the post-Borders industry.

According to Michigan's governor, this is a sign of not overall business, but of a crisis in publishing. Also, the Kobo is doing quite fine. Thus: can we say that the ebook is killing bookstores? Or is it just a bunch of dumb businessmen doing trying to do the work of bookselling? (Louis Borders was not a bookseller).

But also since Borders is gone, does this mean a better chance for independents to thrive? There's clearly more physical space now. Also, indie bookstore can do weird gimmicks like this.

And there is no shortage of skilled booksellers. There's 10,700 of them.

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