What Does Jill Abramson Mean?...Anything You Want Your Pretty Lil Face Wants It To Mean

The New York Times announced yesterday that Jill Abramson will become the paper's first-ever female executive editor, replacing Bill Keller.

Not that anyone really know who these people are, one does have to wonder what does this mean to the NYT's book section. Do we remember Jennifer Weiner?:

We don't know if Abramson will have any effect on the book reviews, we can look at her history to see how she might change the NY Times (she states: " I don't think there will be that new and different a New York Times."...also, it won't solve V.S. Naipaul. Also: not that it  matters.

Fun Facts About Jill Abramson:

- She studied History and Literature at Harvard, showing that even though you chose the wrong major, you can still make a name for yourself as the first someting-something to do something-something

- Abramson was seriously injured in a truck-pedestrian traffic accident at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 44th Street, a few blocks from The New York Times's Times Square headquarters. She was written up for being late to work.

- She married Henry Little Griggs III, a self-described writer, which is a peg above your MFA professor.

- After writing Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas, she bonded intimately with Maureen Dowd.

- She aims to be the Anna Wintour for literate people.

- Abramson is a radical lefty, according to this one Tweeter:

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