It's #ssm2011!!!

It's Short Story Month! Again...

But this year it's nearly visible!

In a 2009 article, Larry Dark of The Story Prize said:
"For [National Short Story Month] to come about and have any impact, it will need to have a strong organization behind it, a real concerted and nationally coordinated effort, and buy-in from bookstores, schools, and libraries, not to mention authors and publishers."
While it doesn't have the support of something as big as The Academy of American Poets, it of course has Dan Wickett (and we all know that all you need to succeed is Dan Wickett). It is far from being something like National Poetry Month, but the blogosphere is a start.

Among the blogs celebrating SSM2011 is Wickett's very own Emerging Writers Network.

Also: Necessary Fiction, Fiction Writers Review, and Matt Bell.

You can also follow the discussion a la Twitter with #ssm2011.

Happy Short Story Month!

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  1. In this era of retrenchment from all things creative, lovely and life sustaining--particularly the commercialization and conglomerization of language-- one success story is a breath of clean air. Thank you.