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I never like these corporate sponsored money contests in which you vote for your favorite ideas (always some good ones) in exchange for giving companies information about you. But I always get sucked in, because there's always something good.

An example is Docker's Wear The Pants Project. Dockers is giving $100K to the idea that gets the most votes. Among them is Jarrett Haley's BULL magazine. In his project description he writes:
"Major publishers say men don't read anymore. We say BULL. As the first and only magazine devoted to Men's Fiction, our plan is to expand the operation into an independent publishing house producing thoughtful, engaging books that will get men reading again. If you want books made for thinking men, and stories that respect the glory days yet have a mind for the modern age, vote BULL."
As of this writing, Haley is second to Ryland King who wants to do stuff with green stuff, which while important isn't as cool as BULL.

Roxane Gay gives us two good reasons to vote for BULL over at HTMLGiant:

-Your votes are a statement—that reading and writing matter, that journals and small presses are deserving of funding, that stories are important to people and their authors should be compensated.

-The money will go straight to writers. No one’s getting a salary out of this. All funds go towards expanding BULL as a journal and small press. This funding will go into the pocket of artists like you.

Need I say more? Also Jarrett Haley is kind of a WILF too. Ryland King is cute, but not a writer. Literacy is quite hot.

Admittedly, I can problematize this contest. For example, I'm not too fond of the title, it reflects stereotypes of manhood, but I think this is quite important for the literary community. It'll be more than any small literary press will ever have and is so much more important, as Haley says (video below) especially in a time when mainstream press have given up on literature.

Here's to the attempted masculization of literature via capitalism!

Vote for this! Everything ends 5/1! Vote everyday!

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  1. So, if men aren't reading anymore, who's reading the disproportionate amounts of *writing* by men? I ask merely for information.

    If men reading aren't reading as much nowadays, though, I'd suspect it's because there are all these wimmin running around with books, with Nooks, with Kindles in their hands. It's pretty well-established that boys/men tend to lose interest in any pursuit that women like in sufficient numbers, which aren't that high.

    I agree that Halley is a WILF, though. Could that replace the by-now very tedious "Woof!" spread by bear culture? "Oh, WILF! Look at him!"