This Week In Video: Greg Mortenson Lies, Will Farrell as a Raymond Carver Character, Dance Wolfshammy Dance!

1. Greg Mortenson is under attack for pulling a James Frey:

2. Will Farrell is staring in a Raymond Carver inspired film. Everything Must Go is based on "Why Don't You Dance?" Farrell wrote an introduction to Carver's story in the latest Zoetrope: All-Story. Buy, read it, and you can tell Farrell has never heard of Carver let alone read him.

3. Natalia Kills is nearly my new pop favorite artist, or at least a replacement for Lady Gaga, who has become too Christian. In Kills's latest song, part of the soundtrack for Red Riding Hood, Kills invokes Alice in Wonderland.

4. Does anyone know how to embed something from Tumblr? Anyway, go here (via Rob Wolfsham):

5. And now for something completely irrelevant...

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