Introducing Hey Small Press!

Of course small presses need all the help they can get, because of course they can't get into the New York Times. Headed by Don Antenen and Kate Hensley (both poets, one a librarian, the other a Harvard student), Hey Small Press! is a project with a mission: to get small press books into libraries, meaning perhaps that there will be no more books like these, but I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing.

From their “About Us” page:

We are Hey Small Press!, a non-profit project promoting independent publishers to public libraries all over the United States. Founded by current and former public library employees, we exist to encourage libraries to acquire small and independent press books. We love good books and want them on library shelves!
Our method is three-fold. One: we select and review ten new or upcoming titles per month. Two: we send our list to public librarians and encourage them to order the titles. Three: we also make available all our reviews to the public. Our goal is for readers across the country to walk into their public library every month with our list of small press books and encourage librarians to order them.
Our long term goals include regional book lists, poetry and non-fiction lists, and the organizing and promotion of live readings by small press writers in public libraries.

It looks like a great endeavor for two writers, better than say, starting your own literary magazine for two months…

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