David Burks: 'We are not trying to control your thinking, but...'

The other day when I was at work, I found this work related e-zine. Called "The State of the Gay," it was put together by queer students at Harding University (a private Christian college), and aimed to give voice to experiences of gay and lesbian students at Harding, and perhaps a general overview of student experiences at Christian colleges.

Like any good zine, it's a nice mixture of graphics, narrative, hand written notes--in electronic form!

I think this is a case where electronic versions come in handy. There are over 80 tweets on this, and about 1000 Facebook likes, along with various press attention. It has reached many people.

However, the fact that it is electronic made it very easy to censor, as David Burks, president of Harding, did in a speech, calling the site offenseive and extreme:

It's nothing less than censorship. It is censorship.

And as The Friendly Atheist points out:
"The administration can do whatever it wants — block the site, expel students who don’t live up to their bigoted standards, preach that homosexuality is immoral, etc...."
Yet I think censorship is something schools should never do as places of learning. (Yet a Christian college is never a place of learning, it's a place where you are taught religion as fact, despite the fact that faith means to believe without fact, which is whole 'nother debate).

Yet leave it to the queers at HU Queer Press to put an anti-copyright notice on their zine:
We highly encourage you to do with this work whatever you want. Trash it. Burn it. Love it. Frame it. Reprint it. Distribute it!
By doing so, HU Queer Press shows that they are not afraid. This work, their stories, will undoubtedly be heard.

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