Angela Choi To Release Ebook

Going along with the latest trend in publishing, Angela Choi (Hello Kitty Must Die) will be releasing her second novel Apologies Not Included via ebook. Written while she was waiting for her debut to sell in the US, Apologies was never good enough for Choi's agent. "I can't blame someone for not liking a book," she says. She goes on, "After all, it's all so subjective....But novels are funny things. To the world, they are just works. To the writer, at least to me, they are like children. It really doesn't matter if they come out off-kilter, a little funny-looking, ugly, mentally handicapped, deformed, or just plain look like something from outer space. It's my kid and I can't help but love it. Even though I know it's not quite right." 

It was with the advice of Rachel Howzell Hall, however that she "kindled" her novel. While the work was rejected, Choi looks like she's doing the hardest yet best thing any writer can do: Let go. Choi is now work next novel, Jesus Will See You Now.

In the midst of the latest argument in publishing (ebook self publishing vs. traditional house publishing), it would be interesting to read the story (it'll be my first ebook purcharse!!!), and see how success she can be. 

Hello Kitty Must Die didn't garner much attention, coming from a small house. But as a publisher now, Choi has more control over publicity  her ebook might get, if any at all.

At best, this can be really good. A la Hocking (yes, I just said A La Hocking, deal with it!) , she could get rich. At worst, this novel might not really be ready (not just novel-wise, but formatting and all the technical stuff as well that can effect book reading), but it will be a minor blip in this very talented writer's career.

Synopsis below. Will keep posted on when it comes out.

Eighteen-year-old Abigail Lin is smart, talented, and utterly miserable. Her everyday life is scarred by a crippling and secret compulsion. But Abigail is not alone in her unhappiness among the best and brightest. Her classmates Sophia Santos and David Wendler have demons of their own. Sophia is lost halfway between wakefulness and sleep, while David wrestles with a food addiction and a lethal erotic obsession.

Except the handsome, privileged, and successful Ethan Lambert seems to have it all - until his behavior takes a bizarre and disturbing turn. Disillusioned and disappointed, these four students are drawn together just as their lives are about to spiral out of control. Will their friendship be enough to guide them through the turbulence of their college years? Or will they succumb to the pressures and neuroses that threaten their sanity and their very lives?

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