I Need A Date!

AWP is coming to DC! (if you haven't already heard).

Part of me don't want to wanna go: I see it as a whole bunch of MFA students (and to-be MFA students) trying to hobnob with writers. But another part of me wants to go because: you get hobnob with writers.

Either way, I can't go. I just got a job and my paycheck not coming for awhile and meanwhile I can't screw-up and I hate having that new guy feeling: it's like high school and I'm like Snooki. But I digress.

What I can do, however, is got to the various readings around town and then pretend that I do fit in (to a certain extent)--which is easier because writers as a whole don't fit in anyway. I think it was Jennifer Weiner (we're tight, we're Facebook friends, but then again, she accepts all friend requests) who said that if publishers just stalked elementary school playgrounds, they can easily pick up the next big writer. But again, I digress.

Among the events I'm looking forward to is Thursday's (2/3/2011) 3 Dollar Bill event. The event is planned by poet Ilse Bendorf, who I met during the Lambda writers retreat. Besides being able to catch up with some friends there, the event promises some major names: Julie Enszer, Ely Shipley, Minnie Bruce Pratt and RADCLYFFE!!!! Rad-fucking-clyffe!!! (sorry, sometimes I forget writers are people, sometimes I think they're superheroes, or else celebrities walking red carpets and here I am with a camera)

This I am going to instead of the another major reading, Divination in DC sponsored by PANK, Annalemma, and Mud Luscious, which includes Amber Sparks (who is also reading at the Vermin on the Mount event), Tim Jones-Yelvington, Steve Himmer, and Mary Miller.

Perhaps the biggest event is the Literature Party on Friday (2/4/2011) at the Black Cat. It's so big it has its own domain name. That reading includes the superstars of indie lit: Amelia Gray (too funny!), Tao Lin (he's...intriguing), Patrick Somerville (he has a new short story collection out, which makes me oogle all over him automatically), and Blake Butler (WILF!!!!). Sponsored by HTMLGiant, Featherproof, Submishmash, among others, the event will benefit 826DC (I had no idea that DC had an 826).

There was never any doubt that AWP was made for indie lit artists and fans. If it was otherwise, I don't think there would be these many readings.

Anyway, the REAL reason for this post is: I need a date...Facebook me! I am completely open to hanging out at literary events with perfect strangers...

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