This Week in Video: Pedophiles on Amazon, Ron Charles on the NBA, Hitler Doesn't Care About Your Online Publication

It's ironic that a literary blog can have video posting--less ironic than an author making a video talking about how ironic it is--but there are interesting videos out there.

1. The big controversy this week was Amazon and Philip R Greave II's book on pedophile seduction, The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child Lover's Code of Conduct. There were articles everywhere. As always, I like Melville House's post on MobyLives. But this CNN video has Anderson Cooper, who is quite hot for a Vanderbilt (his mother can't write her way out of a paper bag though, Boulevard  ["The Gold Dust Twins" in Volume 25, No. 1] publication or no)

2. I love Ron Charles's reviews at the Washington Post. This week, he talks about the National Book Awards and picks Lionel Shriver's So Much For That as the best choice among the nominees.

3. I am currently reading Monique Truong's latest book, Bitter In The Mouth. This video interview is from last month, but I found it this week because I like researching authors I'm reading (I don't know why, I just do it automatically). The introduction is in Vietnamese, but the interview is in English. It's split into two parts. Not too interesting (you can tell the interviewer hasn't done her research [i.e. reading the author's work]), but worth a look because I've never heard Monique Truong speak about her work before.

4. Hilter meme goes literary, via Jimmy Chen via HTMLGiant...

5. And to start your weekend, something totally unrelated...

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