Read Like Anne Rice!

Powells has announced that it will sell books from the private library of Anne Rice. From the website:

"Included in the collection are editions signed or annotated by Ms. Rice, and many have her library markings on the spines. The collection showcases her love of literature and writing and reveals a true intellectual curiosity — classic philosophy, the Brontes, biblical archaeology, and Louisiana history are just a few of the subject areas represented."

When I used to work in a bookstore, the game we used to play was guessing a person's life based on what they bought or left behind on a table. For example, if a person buys Miley Cyrus's autobiography, a gymnastic magazine, a Playboy photo collection, and an Ann Rule book, we can almost guess what's going on in his/her head. Included in the collection are many books about religion, ancient history, the classics. Which translates to Anne Rice is very old. Here are some of the more interesting titles from Rice's library:

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