Cheryl Kilodavis's "My Princess Boy"

I don't really follow lots of kids books. I like talking about literature and I don't think you can talk for very long about a 30-page picture book (even though I've heard of people writing dissertations on Dr. Seuss). But kids books are important. In terms of learning, it's the first reading material kids will encounter; kids books have the potential of opening the world of literature up to children.

That and they can teach kids something useful, propelling the next generation into the possibility of a better future. Titles like And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell and 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert and Rex Ray, as well as the picture books of Todd Parr (even though these are less radical; also, I really like his illustrations), are some of the books I wish I had when I was a kid (back then, I had Spot the Dog and Dr. Seuss, which are also great, but still...). These are books that challenge discourse, become banned in school, yet years later, are honored for their progressive vision. And think this new book will be one of them.

My Princess Boy is a new picture book by Cheryl Kilodavis about her son. You can learn more at the Jezebel blog as well as the video there. But this is really something I look forward to. Kilodavis is doing important work and I wish her a long career in writing (from the Facebook page, one fan asks: "Will there be anymore Princess Boy books?")

A quote from Kilodavis: "We're talking about acceptance. This is about acceptance. We need to broaden this discussion."

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