Queer Publication Spaces

Queer publication spaces are rare. There are a few small presses: Bold Stroke Books, Alyson Books, Cleis Press, among some others are part of the handful. Queer literary magazines are more rare to find. Off the top of my head, we have Chroma (in the UK, but known as an international title); there's the newly revived Bloom edited by Charles Flowers (don't quote me on that though, as I am unsure); there's Gertrude; there's also Collective Fallout, a journal of queer speculative fiction.

For a while, there was also Ganymede, founded by John Stahle. Ganymede was a beautiful literary journal; Stahle was a book designer and used it to show off his skills and love for quality literature. Sadly, after seven issues, Stahle died, with it a journal, with that another queer space.

If the death of Stahle has taught us anything, it is that queer publication spaces are needed. Yet like anything in the publication world, it has the same struggles of finding contributors (magazines as a rule don't pay well), and finding readers (readers as a rule are usually writers themselves).

Out of the death, however, comes something else. In 2011, Sibling Rivalry Press will continue Stahle's tradition with Assaracus, a journal of queer men's poetry, edited by Bryan Borland. Additionally, Borland also edited the last issue of Ganymede, entitled Ganymede Unfinished. But to be the same success as Ganymede, Assaracus will need writers; equally important, Assaracus will need readers.

Support queer publishing: buy queer publications!

(Also, thanks to the poet Ocean Vuong for bringing this to my attention. I don't write poetry [anymore] and felt the least I could do was past this on)


  1. I'd like to point out two(although I could point out a good many):

    Lethe Press - which publishes quality queer fiction and ALSO has a great magazine - Icarus.

    and Cheyenne Publishing--specialising in historicals but including a couple of contemps too

  2. Yes, you are right about Charles editing Bloom. And yay, Gertrude Press, my publisher. And I just had a poem in Bloom. It is so important to support the publications that support us.

    PANK magazine isn't exclusively queer, but they are explicitly queer friendly, which I appreciate.

    Knock Out Lit is the same way.

  3. Assaracus (Ass-uh-rack-us, in case you were wondering) is blushing at the publicity - and its editor is, too.

    Thanks for pointing people to us. In a world where it is sometimes tough to get a foot in the door, Ganymede changed my life. Here's hoping Assaracus can do the same for someone else.

    - Bryan