Notes from Los Angeles, Day 4

It is toothpaste. It is only toothpaste. This is what Joseph Marich tells us in a guest lecture. Joseph is a involved in public relations. You pay him $42,000 to put your face on TV, your voice on the radio, an bar with your book cover on it on a website--to have your product sold.

No doubt, a book is a product. But toothpaste? Joseph lectures us how it is like toothpaste. It's because you sell it. And what can he do for you? He can sell stuff for you, of course for that amount of money. He admits it: sometimes the authors he represent have rich spouses, or the come from money, they have family money. Joseph believes in capitalism and stratification, like he believes books are like toothpaste.

After this we have drinks and talk about him behind his back. It is the first time I am drinking. I am drinking with Nicola Griffith. I cannot ask for more, can I?

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