Jane Austen's Fight Club

Finally, two of my favorite writers in one place! What do you get when you put together witty social observation and nihilist social commentary. Jane Palahniuk, or maybe Chuck Austen. This is funny not only because of the recent trend of Austen-mash-ups, but because while it takes two completely different writers, it in fact shows that they are in fact not that different. What was Austen doing other than critiquing the banal norms of society? And doesn't Palaniuk Fight Club rules equally apply to women, specifically women of regency England? It's ironic. It's true.

I think past the Grahame-Smith's monster mash-up (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), this is the best thing to come out of Austen-mania (it's not really "mania," the Austenesque novel of manners is more like a genre). If only someone will write a book like this. I bet publishers are searching for starving writers who are willing to do such a mash-up, if not...what are you waiting for? Novelty novel alert!

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