Anne Rice: "I quit being a Christian."

Anne Rice announced--and it's all over the news now--that she's given up on Christianity, via Facebook, and her Facebook shows it all. My hopes, however, are in  my Facebook post:
, which is unlikely, given her telephone conversation with AP (as quoted from Lambda Literary):
Rice said she had been having doubts for the past two to three years. She was troubled by the child abuse scandals in the church, and the church’s defensive reaction, and by the ex-communication of Sister Margaret McBride, a nun and hospital administrator who had approved an abortion for a woman whose life was in danger.
“I believed for a long time that the differences, the quarrels among Christians didn’t matter a lot for the individual, that you live your life and stay out of it. But then I began to realize that it wasn’t an easy thing to do,” said Rice, speaking from her home near Palm Springs, Calif. “I came to the conclusion that if I didn’t make this declaration, I was going to lose my mind.”
Rice said she is a Democrat who supports the health care legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama and believes gay marriage inevitably will be permitted throughout the country. Although no longer part of any denomination, she remains a believer and continues to read theology and post Biblical passages on her Facebook page. She has no immediate plans to write about her leaving the church and will continue with her metaphysical fiction series, “Songs of the Seraphim.”
Rice will not be taking up vampires again, but she said she is a big fan of the HBO series “True Blood,” enjoyed the first two “Twilight” movies (she has yet to read any of the Stephenie Meyer novels) and is interested in seeing her most famous character, the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, return to the screen.
“We’re in talks about it,” she said. “But then we’ve always been in talks about it. Hope springs eternal in California.”
, but hopefully, this means less of the Christ series and something as passionate as her earlier works. Rice is a smart cookie and has always been one, and Michael Rowe of the Huffington Post has said that Rice has never been more of a Christian than now as she exits the Catholic Church.

What will be of interest, of course, is her writing from here on after. Maybe not vampires, but of course the same investigation into the human spirit and condition, as always. Good luck, Mrs. Rice, but of course, you don't really need it, do you?

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