Distribute 1 Million Childrens' Books in a Biodiesel Bookmobile

I do not support major corporations. But here's something: Pepsi is giving out money to a community project at the end of February; all we need to do is visit the site everyday, vote for your favorite community project, and then think about how great Pepsico is.

Here's my favorite community project: sponsored by Better World Books, they plan to use the $250K grant to start a children's bookmobile to help distribute the love of reading to kids who might otherwise not get the chance. Read more about it on the website. If you're not thinking about the children, the future of the American reading class, the future American class system, among other things that the love and ability to read can do, at least (if you're a writer) think about your future market!

Vote and spread the word!

Also, for book shopping, try Better World Books, where some of the profits go to help the community. 

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